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International Locating & Procurement Specialists

Willsbridge specializes in locating rare and hard to find Items from anywhere in the World. We are expert in finding Provenance, authenticating, and negotiating a satisfactory purchase. We uphold an ethic of complete Discretion and afford our Clients absolute Confidentiality.

Auction & Estate Sale Representation

We Offer; Auction & Estate Sale Representation, providing you with a personal Agent ready to cross the "T's" and dot the "I's" while working to acquire or sell these rare and valuable Items on your behalf.


Willsbridge.com is your place to buy or sell those rare and eclectic Items.

About Us

Trying to find rare and hard to find Items can be a time consuming, often daunting and frustrating experience. Where do you start, who to call? Then of course, dealing with people who can't help you, don't have the right information and/or knowledge, they might not speak English, don't relay your message, and don't call you back! 

Willsbridge.com provides these services not only to Companies, Organizations, Movie Productions, Government and State Agencies, but we now provide our services to the private sector. We are excited to give our personal one on one service to very important people like you, who might find, the specialized services that Willsbridge provides, is the answer to their prayers! We very much look forward to talking.

When working as a "Procurement Specialist", or "Buyer" for 'A' list Movie Productions, and let's say, a Director or Producer wants a certain something, they don't care what's involved in getting it, they simply expect you to produce it, in perfect condition, the right shade of magenta, and on or before the set dressing deadline, all this can seem to an ordinary person as a ridiculous, and impossible task! 

Willsbridge Agents are not ordinary people, we don't accept failure until every rock has been turned! We have to think outside the Box, and not wilt under pressure! We will, and have travelled to foreign locations, to personally secure the purchase, and arrange shipping, and/or personally escort the package back to the Clients chosen destination, if needed. We adopt a; "what ever it takes", attitude! 

Rest assured, we uphold strict rules of absolute discretion and confidentiality, when it comes to our clients and our business dealings.

We strive to offer a professional yet friendly experience.

We Accept Almost Any Challenge!

Of course we get the odd request, that after looking into, we have to politely turn down, due to, what could turn into a life threatening situation, or locked up in a foreign Prison for 6 months to life!!

On the other hand;

We have helped Private Art Collectors attain rare pieces of Art to add to their collections.

Represented Clients at Auctions and Estate Sales.

We travel out to film and photograph properties, and Items, collect information, provenance, and authentication, when possible.

We liaise with the business people involved, to achieve a successful and satisfactory purchase or sale.


We Are Versatile, Savvy, & Relentless In Succeeding & Achieving Our Goals . We'll pull every stop, and exhaust every lead!

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"Life is just too important to be taken seriously"

What ever it is you want, need, desire, or simply can't live without, a Willsbridge Agent is waiting and eager to assist you. We look forward to every new challenge!




Santa Fe, New Mexico USA. & Coming Soon: London, England, UK.

USA - Adrian's Mobile-Phone: (505) 577-6350